Environmental Testing

CET provides a wide range of testing and analysis services of air, water, soil, waste and more hazardous substances for environmental protection and human health.

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Environmental Testing & Analysis Services from CET Scientifc


A clean and comfortable environment is necessary for human health and sustainable development of whole society. Environment protection is one of most important agenda for governments, societies and citizens all over the world. Therefore, your business and your activity should always keep an eye on possible environmental pollution and hazardous emission. Enrivonmental testing & analysis services from CET Scientific help you minimize your environmental impact as much as possible. 


Environmental testing & analysis services of CET Scientific include, but not limited to:


(1) Air testing & analysis

—- Ambient and indoor air sampling, component analysis, etc.


(2) Water testing & analysis

—- Water sampling, elemental content testings, component analysis, etc.


(3) Soil testing & analysis

—- Soil and sediment sampling, elemental testings, component analysis, etc.


(4) Waste testing & analysis

—- Waste sampling, elemental testings, component analysis, etc.


(5) hazardous substance testing & analysis

—- Testing & analysis of hazardous substances in products or samples as you requested.