Research and development

Research and Development Services

With a dynamic team of professional scientists and a wide variety of testing techniques, CET’s research and development services are fully equipped to provide technical support and conduct scientific research projects in a variety of technical arenas.

CET has state-of-the-art testing & analysis services for a variety of samples and products, such as inorganic powders, nano materials, concrete, metals, polymers and composites, etc.

CET’s scientists are experienced at testing skills in accordance with a wide variety of standards, specifications and codes required for specific industries. CET is committed to serving our clients with in-depth technical support and timely response.

CET’s knowledge-based troubleshooting services help our clients to identify the problems in raw material and final product caused by contamination, storage, aging, blemishes, and other unknown reasons.

CET’s wide range of testing methods include, but not limited to:

  • Gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • Gel permeation chromatography (GPC)
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)
  • X-ray diffraction (XRD)
  • Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS)
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM+EDX)
  • Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
  • Brunauer-Emmett-Teller Analyzer (BET)
  • Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry (MIP)
  • Particle Size Analyzer