Industrial Client Services

CET Scientific provides industrial client services with practical solutions and timely answers to product failure, material selection, quality control, etc.

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Industrial Client Services from CET Scientifc

Industrial manufacture requires timely and accurate answers to product failure, material selection, quality control, etc. CET Scientific provides industrial client services to meet this challenge with practical solutions based on experience, knowledge, attention to details and assistance of wide range of testing & analysis methods. 


Specific fields of industrial client services include, but not limited to:


(1) General Manufacturing

—- Material testing and analysis for products at almost every stage of manufacturing.

—- Material screening, failure analysis, composition, selected properties, contamination, corrosion, blemish, quality control and more.


(2) Coating and Plating

—- Thickness, composition, hard, wear/corrosion resistance, weather resistance.


(3) Plastic, Rubber and Polymer

—- Composition, molecular weight, failure analysis, thermal analysis.


(4) Concrete and Construction

—- mechanical strengths, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, failure analysis.


(5) Electronics

—- Failure analysis, material damage, composition analysis.


(6) Metal Processing

—- Failure analysis, corrosion resistance, fracture, composition, weld defect.